Untitled (bed sheet), 13min, 16:9, silent single channel video. This work consists of a bed sheet swaying in the breeze, over the course of the video a figure intermittently presses against the material. This work was developed during a 2016 residency at Media Arts Asia Pacific as part of the Media Arts Award Residency.

Untitled (bed sheet), 2016, single channel silent video, 14.19mins.

MAAP1_LRInstallation View, Untitled (bed sheet), 2016 @ Media Arts Asia Pacific.

MAAP2_LRInstallation View, Untitled (bed sheet), 2016 @ Media Arts Asia Pacific.

Untitled (bed sheet & deck) 2016 - internet 2Installation View, Untitled (bed sheet), 2016 @ Felt Space ARI.

Untitled (bed sheet & deck) 2016 internet 3Installation View, Untitled (bed sheet), 2016 @ Felt Space ARI.